Online Reporting

The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office has implemented an Online Reporting System to provide citizens with a simple process for reporting incidents in which there are no known suspects, and where the reason for filing the report is for documentation only, or where a case number is needed for reporting to an insurance company or financial institution. Cases reported online are not normally investigated by the Sheriff's Office.

Only certain crime report information can be taken online. Other crimes must be reported to the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center for a Law Enforcement response in person.

When to Call 911?

  • If you are the victim of a crime that is in progress or just occurred.
  • If you are witnessing a crime that is in progress or just occurred.
  • If you are the victim of a crime and the suspect is still in the area.
  • If you have a need to immediate police response to a crime.
  • If you need to report a fire.
  • If there is a medical emergency.

Reporting Online

To report a crime or other incident On-Line, it must have occurred within Unincorporated Whatcom County (not inside the city of limits of any incorporated city). Currently you can file the following crime reports On-Line:

  • Theft (no suspects)

    A theft is when someone takes your property with the intent to deprive you of it. If someone took your property by entering your home or business without permission, then that is a burglary, and can not be reported online. If property was stolen from your vehicle, then that is a vehicle prowl.

  • Vehicle Prowl (no suspects)

    A vehicle prowl is when someone enters your vehicle without permission. There does not have to be damage or anything missing to file a vehicle prowl report. If your vehicle is damaged on the outside, and there is no sign that the vehicle was entered, then that should be reported as a Malicious Mischief.

  • Fraud/Internet Theft

    A Fraud or Internet Theft is when someone has used your personal information to obtain goods or services over the internet. Personal information may include your name, social security number, or your bank and credit card account numbers.

  • Lost Property

    A lost property report is filed when you lose something, and there is no evidence that it was stolen from you.

  • Telephone Harassment

    Telephone Harassment includes repeated phone calls, calls made at an extremely inconvenient hour, or calls containing lewd or obscene comments that are made with the intent to intimidate or embarrass you.

  • Littering/Illegal Dumping

    Littering or Illegal Dumping occurs when someone abandons garbage or other items without permission from the property owner.

  • Extra Patrol

    An extra patrol request can be filed in situations where the immediate presence of a deputy is not needed, but where the random presence of a deputy is needed to deter illegal activity. Some examples include traffic problems and neighborhood patrols for suspicious activity.

  • Malicious Mischief (Vandalism)(No Suspects)

    A malicious mischief report is filed when someone has damaged your personal property, and nothing has been stolen. Examples are graffiti, damage to a vehicle, or damage to other property.

  • Abandoned Vehicles

    An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle left parked for over 24 hours on a County road right-of-way. This does not include vehicles left on private roads or property. If the vehicle is parked in front of an address where the vehicle owner lives or works, then it is not considered an abandoned vehicle as long as it is currently licensed and operable.